Welcome to Nordic Strong

Welcome to Nordic Strong

Welcome to Nordic Strong, a fitness concept built on Nordic values. We are a Danish family with Norwegian roots, and it is our love for Nordic living, health and fitness traditions that has created the foundation for Nordic Strong. 

We were first introduced to the Thorax Trainer 5 years ago and loved it immediately. Besides being the most effective full body workout we have ever tried, it also imitates the movements from Nordic skiing, something which we love. When we are in our cottage in Norway over Christmas or Spring, we spend every single day in nearby cross-country tracks. Today, we are proud to be the official owner and manufacturer of the Thorax Trainer. 

In 2021, we will launch more fitness products and roll out a new Nordic fitness concept, which we cannot wait to share with you! 

Until then, we hope you will find inspiration for your Thorax training in our training community. 

Xxx Nordic Strong

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  • Rikke Nybakk

    Jeg er interesseret i et træningsprogram til thoraxtelneren

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