Improve your golf game with the Nordic Trainer

- Move better through your swing -

- Hit the ball further -

- Reduce injuries to joints and muscles -

Move better through your swing

The Nordic Trainer requires you to coordinate movement in arms and legs, which will improve your balance, core strength and sense of body control.

Good balance helps a golfer control their shots and maintain perfect swing mechanics on both uphill and downhill lies. Core strength is important as it will allow players to transfer energy from the legs through the core and arms. And lastly, improved body control will allow players to move more athletically through the swing.

Hit the ball further

We all want to hit the ball further and with the Nordic Trainer, you can train your body to be able to hit the ball longer and better. You will gain increased body strength and power through explosive movements on the trainer that will be transferred to more power in your golf swing.

Rotational movements on the trainer will increase your level of flexibility,, which will allow you to generate more force during your swing, through greater a greater range of motion in a shorter amount of time.

Reduce injuries to joints and muscles

Back pain, "tennis elbow", rotator cuff or knee pain are some of the most common golf injuries. With its low impact, full body activation and full range of motion movements, makes the Nordic Trainer an incredible trainer to prevent typical golf injuries. The Nordic Trainer will target both deep-lying muscle and small muscles around joints.