Get safely back on track with the nordic Trainer

The Nordic Trainer is the ideal trainer for athletes suffering from injuries, elderly people with weak muscles or joints, disabled people or people that are visually impaired or blind.

Gentle and Effective Rehabilitation Training with the Nordic Trainer

The Nordic Trainer is a very effective training equipment for rehabilitation. It has a gentle effect on knees, hips, and other body joints, while improving core stability and endurance.

The trainer provides exceptionally fast results which is ideal after, for example, injuries, operations, or inactivity. The immediate effect on the central muscles benefits balance and mobility and shortens the rehabilitation period.

The Nordic Trainer gives unique opportunities for wheelchair users, the blind and people suffering from other disabilities. From a sitting position, wheelchair users can do double or diagonal poling and thus strengthen the upper body. Blind and visually impaired individuals are also able to train in a safe environment with the Nordic Trainer.

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