WEEK 10
    7 Training - 1 Week.
    DKK 500.00
  • Nordic Student
    Unlimited access to all classes and fitness, for students or individuals under the age of 22.
    You must drop by the gym and show your Education ID card at reception.

    DKK 799.00

  • Nordic Strong Warrior
    This gives you unlimited access to all classes, our fitness space and Sauna.

    DKK 1,499.00

  • 4 Monthly Classes
    This gives access to 4 monthly classes

    DKK 459.00

  • Fitness Space
    This gives you access to our Gym

    DKK 649.00

  • Classes
    This gives you unlimited access to all classes

    DKK 1,199.00

  • First Timer
    There's a first time for everything, try out one class for free!
    DKK 0.00
  • Summer Ready
    This is for you who want to be in summer ready in 2023! There will be classes - 2 times a week, some classes will be in the studio and some training will take place outside.

    The teachers are:
    - Lasse Olsson
    - Benjamin Seker
    DKK 4,500.00
    Tuesday, March 14, 2023, at 18:50
    Thursday, March 16, 2023, at 18:50
    26 dates (show)
    Tuesday, June 27, 2023, at 18:50
    Thursday, June 29, 2023, at 18:50

Nordic Balance

Do you like Pilates and yoga? Then you’ll love our low-tempo Nordic Balance workout. Through slow, concentrated movements, alternate between the Nordic Trainer and floor exercises to build on the stabilising and peripheral muscles and increase your overall strength. You will gently sculpt and tone your body, while improving your balance and coordination.

-> Sculpt and tone your body

-> Low-tempo exercises

-> Beginner to medium


Nordic Strong

Nordic Strong is our signature full-body workout for those who want to push themselves a bit further. You’ll be put through your paces with intense exercises on the Nordic Trainer and dumbbell and floor exercises to boost your strength. This is about switching the resistance up and enjoying a higher-powered class with pumping music.

-> Strengthen your core

-> High-resistance training

-> Medium to hard


Nordic Cardio

Are you ready to get your heart pumping? Nordic Cardio is a high-tempo, high-intensity workout that’s not for the faint-hearted. Race against other people to improve your endurance and burn extra calories. Low in resistance but high in speed, move from cross-country exercises on the Nordic Trainer to floor exercises with dumbbells, burpees, mountain climbers and more. mind and body.

-> Improve your endurance

-> Calorie-burning workout

-> High intensity