Training Benefits

The Thorax Trainer is the ultimate home trainer. It is both a time efficient and effective full body workout. Read about the benefits from training in the Thorax Trainer below. 

Full Body Workout

The Thorax Trainer is a truly effective and time efficient full body workout. Most exercises will activate more than 96% of the body’s muscle mass simultaneously, more than any other fitness equipment. And only 3X12 minutes per week is enough to see a significant improvement in the body’s overall health and fitness.

Moreover, training in the Thorax Trainer will give you an improved cardio, overall increased muscle strength and better balance and stability. Core elements necessary for a body in good shape.

The Thorax Trainer is built to imitate the movements of Nordic Skiing, one of the healthiest type of sports in the world. And the development of Thorax training over the past 10 years has further enabled strength, cardio and stability training.This makes the Thorax Trainer an ideal choice for a home trainer.

Strength and Endurance

The Thorax Trainer requires a unique combination of body strength and endurance. Movement in the trainer requires strength, both controlled and explosive, in legs, arms and core. And you need endurance to be able to repeat the movements for many repetitions.

One of the most significant strengths you will build is your core strength. It needs to not only hold your technique together, but also coordinate the movements with your upper and lower body.

The Thorax Trainer offers a large variety of different strength exercises. Thus, you can both train at a very high intensity level or at a slow pace that really focuses on smaller and deeper muscle groups in the body.

Cardio Training
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A person’s cardiovascular fitness refers to the ability of the heart and lungs to fuel the body with oxygen, meaning that it is integral for our health. When the body is forced to engage different muscle groups at the same time, the demand for oxygen and blood circulation in the body increases. This is why cross-country skiers are known to have exceptional good cardiovascular health compared to other groups of athletes.

With a near-perfect correlation with cross country skiing, training in the Thorax Trainer will have a tremendous impact on your heart and overall cardiovascular fitness.

The improved cardiovascular fitness stemming from the specific movements in the Thorax Trainer is very beneficial for many athletes. Take triathletes for example, the improvement in body endurance is so significant from training in the Thorax Trainer, that it will show in each individual triathlon discipline, i.e., running, biking or swimming.

Stability and Balance

The health benefits of stability and balance training are immense, although they can easily be neglected in our daily workout routines. First of all, balance training has a direct spillover effect on your everyday life, in terms of improved coordination and awareness of your body and mind. Second of all, stability and balance training provide incredible exercise for the body’s smaller, underlying muscle groups.

From working out in the Thorax Trainer, you will gain a unique stability and coordination training with face improvement of your balance. Many of the exercises requires you to stand still by tightening your core muscles and keeping very focused while coordinating alternating movement in legs and arms.