Activates 96% of Your Muscle Mass

Experience a total body workout with the Nordic Trainer that is time efficient, has a low impact on joints and muscles and is simply awesome to do.

Total Body Workout

With just one stroke in the Nordic Trainer, you can activate 96% of the body’s muscle mass. This is more than any other trainer and ensures that you get a total body workout.

You are required to activate all major muscle groups in legs, back, core and arms and that will increase your body strength at the same time as you are significantly improving your cardio. Other aerobic training equipment such as treadmills or bikes will activate far less muscles and mainly improve your cardiovascular capacity. Consequently, you need to spend less time on the Nordic Trainer to get the same results as on a bike or treadmill.

It makes the Nordic Trainer the most effective full body workout.

Maximum Results in Minimum Time

Are you short on time? A quarter of an hour is all you need on the Nordic Trainer to leave your muscles quaking. Train 3x15 minutes per week for a month and you will see and feel a difference in your body.

The versatility of the Nordic Trainer truly shows here if you are not into the short and intense training sessions, but rather want to focus on stability, balance and deep core strengthening exercises. From working out in the Nordic Trainer, you will gain a unique stability and coordination training with face improvement of your balance. Many of the exercises requires you to stand still by tightening your core muscles and keeping very focused while coordinating alternating movement in legs and arms.

Intensity without Injury

The Nordic Trainer requires you to move the body through a soft, full range of motion which minimizes the risk of injuries to joints and muscles. This means you can reach your max power without any overexerting and makes the Nordic Trainer suitable for all; young or old, male or female, big or small, fit or unfit.

On the health side, with a near-perfect correlation with cross country skiing, training in the Nordic Trainer will have a strong impact on your heart and overall cardiovascular fitness.