#1 training machine for triathletes

Save time while improving in all 3 triathlon disciplines with the Nordic Trainer. Not only does the Nordic Trainer target the important muscle groups for triathletes, it also builds endurance better than almost any other trainer. It makes the Nordic Trainer the #1 training machine for triathletes. 


The near perfect correlation between a stroke in the Nordic Trainer and a swimming stroke means that the exact the same muscles are activated.

The only difference? The possibility of adding stroke resistance on the Nordic Trainer, enabling you to more quickly develop upper body strength than through swim practice. And makes the Nordic Trainer an amazing addition to your swim practice.


Build endurance in a short amount of time on the Nordic Trainer and transfer it to long rides on the bike.

It provides a highly efficient endurance strength training of the thighs, buttocks and hamstrings resulting in increased power on the pedals and ability to keep up your speed for a longer period of time.


When using the Nordic Trainer, you are training your core, leg muscles but also the muscles under your feet. This will give you an enhanced “bounce” in every stride because your core absorbs the shock (impact) from the ground – you will not “loose the hip” and your foot is bouncing better. This gives you increased speed, better running technique over time and reduced risk of injuries.

The outcome? Faster speed and less injuries while running.