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Signature High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Nordic Strong

This flagship class is a fusion of high-energy and strength-building exercises. Participants alternate between dynamic routines on the Nordic Trainer and strength training with dumbbells on the floor. Each session is uniquely tailored, focusing on various muscle groups - from pull and push exercises to targeted workouts for abs and glutes. Experience an invigorating workout designed to enhance your fitness with varied intensity and a vibrant atmosphere.

High-Intensity Cardiovascular Training

Nordic Cardio

Elevate your heart rate and endurance in this vigorous cardio-focused class. Nordic Cardio is designed to keep your heart rate consistently above 80%, maximizing calorie burn and improving your VO2 Max. The class seamlessly integrates fast-paced exercises on the Nordic Trainer with dynamic floor routines. Expect a brisk tempo with lower resistance, ensuring a full-body workout that's both challenging and exhilarating, perfect for boosting your cardiovascular health.

Pilates-Inspired Deep Muscle Workout

Nordic Sculpt

Nordic Sculpt offers a unique blend of Pilates principles and deep muscle activation. This class focuses on precision and control, targeting both larger and smaller muscle groups for a balanced workout. Utilizing the Nordic Trainer, the exercises promote deep muscle engagement, sculpting your physique and enhancing overall balance. Each session culminates with a mindful breathwork practice, ensuring a holistic approach to fitness that aligns body and mind.