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Bringing Nordic traditions to the fitness world

In the Nordics, the key to a happy life is to spend it in nature, creating long lasting memories with friends and family. This concept, known as “friluftsliv” or “outdoor life”, is more of a way of life for the Nordic people. For this nature-loving nation, a strongly embedded connection to nature, fitness and community is the core foundation for the Nordic lifestyle. Through a simple and passionate commitment to celebrating time outdoors, the Nordic lifestyle has become the foundation for a vision in fitness that will change how people exercise, no matter what the season may be.

Inspired by Nordic lifestyle and fitness traditions

Nordic Strong is a fitness concept aimed to build a strong fitness community centered around Nordic values. The idea came to life through the eyes of my family, spending our summers in Denmark and winters in Norway.

Whether we are hiking in the Swedish hillsides, swimming in Copenhagen, or skiing in the Norwegian mountains, our activities always have a strong community and health aspect to it - that is the Nordic way of life. With the hopes of bringing the elements of this happy and healthy lifestyle into the fitness world, Nordic Strong focuses on creating a place that inspires people, builds their confidence, and makes them feel at home.

The World's best home trainer

The Nordic Strong mission was inspired by the ThoraxTrainer, a well renowned home ski trainer that imitated cross country skiing better than any other trainer on the market. The inspiration behind this innovative exercise machine was to bring the world’s toughest sport - Nordic skiing - indoors by building a fitness trainer that mimicked cross country skiing.

Building on the legacy of the ThoraxTrainer, the opportunity to rebrand and transition from being a ski trainer to a full body trainer came to light. After 10 years of brilliant innovation and mindful design, we are proud to introduce the Nordic Trainer. This truly versatile full body trainer goes beyond cross country skiing by focusing on cardio, stability and balance training, and building muscle strength and a strong core. Geared towards athletes of all disciplines, the NordicTrainer will transform your fitness dreams into a reality, whether it be training in the off-season, cross-training, or total body exercise.

With Nordic Strong, we aim to build a strong fitness community built on Nordic values. We hope to make people fit, strong and happy, the Nordic way.

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