About Us

Nordic Strong

We founded Nordic Strong from a desire to create a community driven fitness experience that goes beyond the ordinary.
By creating surroundings that inspire and encourages the mind and body to focus on the present.
By constantly listening and interacting with our community. The Nordic Strong community is our main driver.
By creating an incredibly fun and challenging fitness experience on the Nordic Trainer.
By ensuring that everything we do, is entrenched in our Nordic values.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to bring Nordic traditions to the fitness World.

The Nordic Strong Values:

Collaboration over competition
Community and innovation
Fostering confidence and resilience
Making our members strong inside out
Always making room for HYGGE

The Nordic Trainer

The ambition for developing the Nordic Trainer was clear from the beginning, to bring the world’s toughest sport - Nordic skiing - indoors by building a fitness trainer that mimicked cross country skiing. And the Nordic Trainer does that, better than any other home fitness equipment.

Today, the Nordic Trainer goes beyond cross country skiing, by being an incredibly effective multi functional fitness trainer.

In different ways, the Nordic Trainer can challenge anybody in a household and it makes it the perfect fitness trainer to have at home!

Contact Us

General Inquiries
If you have questions regarding our products or any ongoing orders, please write contact@nordicstrong.com

Press & Collaborations:
If you are interested in writing a piece, or working with us, please write contact@nordicstrong.com

Any enquiries regarding service of your Nordic Trainer, please write: service@nordicstrong.com

Personal Training
If you are interested in learning about our personal training offers from the comfort of your home, please write contact@nordicstrong.com

Even if you simply want to get in touch to say hi, we encourage you to get in touch either by filling out our email form or by writing contact@nordicstrong.com – We cannot wait to hear from you!