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Building the world's best home trainer to imitate cross country skiing.

ThoraxTrainer was founded in 2008 by two passionated cross-country skiers, both with former elite sports careers within triathlon and cross-country skiing. As a medical doctor and engineer, they saw a possibility to bring the Worlds toughest sport – Nordic skiing – indoor by building an indoor fitness trainer that imitated cross-country skiing.

The outcome was the ThoraxTrainer, a cross country trainer, that imitated cross country skiing better than any other home ski trainer on the market.

The outcome after 10 years of brilliant innovation and hard work is the NordicTrainer - a truly versatile full body trainer. Building on the legacy of the ThoraxTrainer, the NordicTrainer has cross country skiing as its foundation but the training goes beyond cross country skiing by focusing on cardio, stability and balance training, and building muscle strength and a strong core.

Nordic Strong

Nordic Strong is a fitness concept inspired by Nordic lifestyle. Our family is half Danish/half Norwegian. Therefore, most summers have been spent by the seaside in Denmark and winters in the mountains of Norway. And both summers and winters in the Nordics are very unique. Nature is spectacular and Scandinavians are exceptional skilled at creating “hygge” even when it’s grey outside.

Our love for the Nordic way of living and Nordic fitness traditions has been the breeding ground for Nordic Strong. With Nordic Strong, we aim to build a strong fitness community built on Nordic values. We hope to make people fit, strong and happy, the Nordic way.

We Embrace
The Outdoors

Whether we are making our way on cross country skies through snow-covered landscapes in the Norwegian mountains, hiking in the Swedish hillsides or winter swimming in Copenhagen, we fully embrace the outdoors and what it has to offer us. We find comfort in it, just as well as we do indoors when we snuggle up at night in front of the fireplace with a good movie or a favorite book and preferably a thunderstorm just outside our windows – the Nordic way of “hygge”.

Being Outdoor,
Less stress

The health benefits of committing to the active outdoors are immense. Studies show that physical activity outdoors not only make us happier and less stressed, but also that it will lower a person’s blood pressure and heart rate. Other than that, being active in nature can simply be liberating, as it gives you an opportunity to disconnect from an otherwise often, hectic, technological World.

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