The Nordic Strong App

Version 2 of the Nordic Strong App will launch in the summer of 2023.

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For wherever and whenever you want to train

A personal trainer in the palm of your hand, the Nordic Strong app contains everything you need to get started on your new Nordic Trainer. Unlock routines adapted to your goals or fitness level and follow instructor-led training videos.

Meet our Nordic Strong community from your home. A tribe of like-minded athletes who will welcome you in and push your limits. Receive inspiration, updates, and challenges straight to your phone. Tick off your workout objectives one by one, wherever and whenever you want to train. To get started, all you need is 20 mins.

Follow in-studio classes

With the Nordic Strong App, you don't have to be scared to miss out on in-studio classes! Our videos are updated to match programs from our studio classes.

In the app, you will find instructor-led workout videos that include the Nordic Trainer and videos with no equipment.

Use the filter in the app and find the instructor that you love from our studio! You can download and save videos for later or use the scheduling function to add workouts to your calendar.

Easy to start

In the Nordic Strong App, you'll find introduction videos with Coach Lasse that will get you started easily on the Nordic Trainer. The technique is easy to learn, and once you get started, you filter the workouts to fit your needs!

Got questions? We've got answers

Is the Nordic Strong App free?
Yes, all videos on the Nordic Strong App are free!
How do I connect the app to my Nordic Trainer?
The app is connected via Bluetooth. Make sure the Bluetooth device on your trainer is powered up and then follow the instruction on the app.
Can I use the app as a beginner?
YES! Whether your level is beginner, intermediate or expert, then we have programs for you!
Do you have workouts that do not include the Nordic Trainer?
YES! There are instructor-led videos both on and off the Nordic Trainer!

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