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We ship worldwide.

We always ship within two days of order being placed.

Returns and exchanges

You have the right to return delivered goods by requesting a return label within 30 days from receiving the goods provided the goods are unused and in the same condition as when you received them.

Product Questions

We are always happy to answer more questions about your products. Write us at and we will respond within 24 hours.

The Thorax Trainer comes with a pair of adjustable poles. For more experienced riders, we suggest our pro (non-adjustable) poles, which can be found on our site under products. 

Your poles should be approximately 35cm shorter than your height.

No, they need a speciel pole tip, which can be purchased on our webshop here.

Storage and Maintenance

The Thorax Trainer can easily be stored under a bed or couch with the flywheel out. The flywheel can also be taken off.

In the event that a problem with your Thorax Trainer should occur, we encourage you to browse through our service videos (link), which show how to solve various issues that could potentially arise. You can also contact our Customer Service by emailing and we will do our very best to find a solution for you.

The Thorax Trainer is designed specifically to require very little maintenance. The trainer runs on ball bearings, making it very durable.

We reccommend to change the strings attaching each pole to the trainer every 1,000 km.

No, the home trainer will come in two packages – a larger for the body and a smaller for the flywheel. With easy instructions, these two need to be assembled together. Time estimation is 30 min and you can view a video of how to do it here. We do also offer assembly for you.


Yes - both at-home and virtual - write us at to receive further information.

Yes, your Thorax Trainer will come with a training guide. We also share videos of basic exercise and training programs in our Nordic Strong Training Community.