4 quick reasons you should use the Nordic Trainer

Nordic Trainer
4 quick reasons you should use the Nordic Trainer

1 It builds a strong core

On the Nordic Trainer, you are creating power with your arms and legs, impacting your core and thus building strength inside out. Your core will get stronger than ever before.

2 Burn calories like never before!

You activate all the body’s large muscles during a Nordic Trainer workout. Consequently, your heart rate accelerates, creating a “SKY HIGH” calorie burn. An average person burns between 600-1000 Cal/h. However, the afterburn is what really matters.

3 It is the most effective, multi-functional training machine.

With +35 exercises, the Nordic Trainer creates an incredibly versatile workout that will engage your entire body. With the Nordic Trainer, you can effectively target the body part you want to train.

4 Your body gets fitter, not bigger!

Using the Nordic Trainer will not create bulky muscles! Instead, you will experience a long, lean muscle development from fat-burning movements in the Nordic Trainer.