Getting started with the Nordic Strong App

Getting started with the Nordic Strong App

What is the Nordic Strong App?

The Nordic Strong App is the technology and mobile app that connects you with our Nordic Strong trainers and workouts.

The Nordic Strong App gives you access to a ton of workouts, both on and off the Nordic Trainer. You will find anything from strength and core workouts to HIIT and cardio classes.

We developed the Nordic Strong App to make sure you get the best possible experience on the Nordic Trainer. With our skilled and energetic coaches, you will quickly learn how to master the Nordic Trainer technique and find the training flow that fits your level.

However, even if you don't own a Nordic Trainer, you can still use the Nordic Strong App to get in great shape. We have a huge variety of workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime.

So, the Nordic Strong app is really for anybody who wants be fit and stay healthy, regardless of their current fitness level or what fitness equipment they own. With our app, you can easily find workouts that match your current abilities and goals. Whether you're looking to improve your endurance, strength or overall health, we have a workout for you!

Getting started with the Nordic Strong App on the Nordic Trainer

Getting started with your Nordic Strong App on the Nordic Trainer is easy and takes only a few steps.

  1. Step one: Download the NordicStrong App on App Store. To activate the app, follow the log in steps and start the onboarding process. Note that you can always change your training goals under "my account".
  2. Step two: Connect to your Nordic Trainer under "connectivity" and choose "Nordic Trainer". Ensure that the Bluetooth device on your Nordic Trainer is turned on.
  3. Step three: Start your Nordic Strong fitness journey!

Once you have connected the Nordic Strong App to your Nordic Trainer, you are ready to start exploring the workouts and training programs within the app!

When you choose a workout, you will see the instructor and your own stats and time. Your stats will be shown in real time. Stats include calories burned, time/1000m, watt, stroke rate, avg. speed, heart rate (BPM) and distance covered.

You can also chose to simply hit the button "Just Train", which will make a screen appear only with time and stats.


We have made discovering workouts on the Nordic Trainer easy for you!

Within the app, you can filter workouts by:

  • Muscle group (abs & core, chest & back, glutes & legs and arms & shoulders)
  • Focus (technique, mobility, cardio or strength)
  • Level (beginner, intermediate or expert)
  • Trainer (Christina, Nicoline, Lasse etc)
  • Category (Nordic Trainer, no equipment etc)

These filtering options, make it super easy for you to find the perfect workout for your current fitness level and time availability.

Training goals

To ensure you get the best possible training experience, we have created an onboarding process that establishes your fitness goals. This will allow us to create customised training content for you and ensure that you get best possible training experience!


Within the app, you can monitor your performance and workout history. We have created special trophies to keep you motivated as you become more confident with your training and progress. Your best sprint times on the Nordic Trainer will also be automatically updated here.

Are you in doubt of what workouts you already have completed? Then don't worry, you can view all completed workouts under "workout history". Furthermore, you can add your future workouts to your workout calendar, so you will get a notification when it's time to start.

Finding the right workout for

How do you find the right workout? You simply try different ones until you find what you like! And if you are new to the Nordic Trainer, then you simply start with one of our technique videos or beginner programs to get you started!

Nordic Strong trainers

At the heart of Nordic Strong, are our amazing trainers. Our team of skilled and energetic coaches will help you quickly learn how to master the Nordic Trainer technique and find the training flow that fits your level. We have a wide range of workouts, designed by different trainers, so you can always find something new to try!


The best part about is of course the community surrounding the Nordic Strong app and our training in general. You can also connect with like-minded by using the tags #nordicstrong or #nordicwarrior on Instagram. We also encourage you to connect with us via our Facebook page.

Launching the Nordic Strong App

The Nordic Strong App will be launched in the spring of 2022. Sign up for our newsletter to get a notification when it is available.