Getting started with the Nordic Strong App

Getting started with the Nordic Strong App

Introduction to the Nordic Strong App

The Nordic Strong App serves as the gateway to a world of fitness, connecting users with Nordic Strong trainers and a diverse range of workouts. Developed with a focus on optimizing the Nordic Trainer experience, the app is designed to cater to users of varying fitness levels and preferences.

Key Features:

Getting Started:

Follow these easy steps to begin your Nordic Strong App journey on the Nordic Trainer:

  1. Download and Activation: Download the Nordic Strong App from the App Store, follow the login steps, and initiate the onboarding process. Adjust your training goals under "my account" as needed.

  2. Connectivity: Link your Nordic Trainer via the "connectivity" section, selecting "Nordic Trainer." Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your Nordic Trainer and iPhone/iPad.

  3. Embark on Your Fitness Journey: Once connected, explore the wide range of workouts and training programs within the app, monitoring real-time stats during your sessions.

Discovering Workouts:

Use the app's filtering options to easily discover workouts tailored to your preferences:

  • Challenges
  • Focus (technique, mobility, cardio, or strength)
  • Plans (beginner, intermediate, or expert)
  • Just Trin 
  • Category (Nordic Trainer, no equipment, etc.)

Training Goals:

Complete an onboarding process to establish your fitness goals, enabling the app to create customised training content for an optimal experience.

Progress Tracking:

Keep track of your performance, workout history, and achievements through special trophies. Your best sprint times on the Nordic Trainer are automatically updated.


Community and Social Engagement:

Connect with the Nordic Strong community by using hashtags such as #nordicstrong or #nordicwarrior on Instagram. Engage with like-minded individuals and stay updated on social media platforms, including Facebook.