Golf workout at home

Golf workout at home

Golf is a sport that requires speed, endurance and strength. In order to get better at golf you need to have a strong core and a quick swing. If you're looking for a workout routine to improve your game, look no further because we're going to show you 5 exercises on the Nordic Trainer that will help with your body's ability to produce power, hit the ball farther and lower your handicap.

What is a golf workout and why should I do it

A golf workout is a fitness routine designed to improve golf performance. It should be performed in order to increase your speed, strength and endurance. A good golf game also requires a great core because it's the center of all movement in golf. Your power comes from how fast you can turn your trunk (core). A good golfer also needs good balance, as this will help you maintain a good position throughout the swing, especially on uphill or downhill lies. Lastly, increased flexibility and mobility will improve your body rotation throughout your swing.

Besides improving your golf game, the above fitness exercises also help you stay in good fitness health.

The Nordic Trainer

With the Nordic Trainer, you are able to improve key parts of your golf game. Through endurance training, mobility and stability exercises, and balance training, you can hit the ball farther, add power and rotation to your swing, and most importantly, reduce risks of injuries to joints and muscles on the golf course.

In the following, we will explain the exercise regime on the Nordic Trainer that will help improve your golf swing. If you are interested in seeing more, then you are always welcome to visit and/or subscribe our YouTube channel og training community on our website, where we have training videos customized for golfers on the Nordic Trainer.

Exercise regime

When building your exercise regime, we suggest that you make each workout on a specific focus, i.e endurance training, better balance, strength exercises etc. Especially in the beginning, this will help you easily getting started and you will quickly see that you develop more strength and especially balance in your body.

5 exercises on the Nordic Trainer to improve your golf swing

1 Double poling

Double poling is a full body exercise that activates 96% of the body's muscle mass simultaneously. It is a great exercise to improve endurance and stamina. By adding resistance to the trainer and make interval sessions, you will further help add power to your swing and help you hit the ball further.

2 One leg double poling

As the name hints, one leg double poling is the same exercise as double poling - just standing on one leg. So, with one foot firmly placed on the ground and the other up with a slight bent in at your knee, you make the same movement as normal double poling. Its a great exercise for your golf swing, as it will help build core strength and balance.

3 Turn and pull

Turn and pull is an exercise that will increase your body rotation from your hips all the way up to your waist and shoulders. Standing at the side of your trainer with feet shoulder width apart, you pull one pole in front of you and turn by using your core muscles. As you are getting better, you can slowly add resistance to the exercise and you will see how this exercise can help you with your rotation in your golf swing. It will help you generate more force during your swing, through a greater range of motion in a shorter amount of time.

4 Squats and Lunges

Squats and lunges are body-weight exercises that can be done on the Nordic trainer. These are great exercises for your core stability, balance and strength in your legs. When you do this exercise with resistance added to it you'll activate more muscles throughout the body without adding too much weight.

5 Abs Crunches

Crunches and side crunches are great exercises for your core. They will help you activate the muscles we use to keep our body stable while we make a golf swing, i.e rotating from left to right (throughout the entire backswing and downswing). It is important that these movements work as a team, so your muscles have to work together in order for you to make a good swing.

Reduce injuries with fitness training

A great fitness routine not only will help you hit the ball further, it also reduces risks of injury on the golf course. For example, strengthening your core muscles will reduce the risk of low-back pain and injuries in general i.e. herniated disks or sciatica .

By increasing strength training workouts for your arms and shoulders, you will reduce the risk of shoulder injuries and wrist fractures.

Also, workouts for your legs have a number of benefits when golfing. Increasing leg strength through exercises such as squats , lunges or deadlifts can help prevent knee pain and injures in general by strengthening muscles around the hip joint . Also it reduces risks on the golf course by helping you maintain balance when swinging the club.

Tightness in muscles and ligaments can be reduced through workouts such as stretching, yoga or Pilates which will help avoid injuries such as muscle sprains and lower back pain. Therefore we highly recommend that you combine your workouts with different types of exercise to get a well.

Concluding remarks

Golf is a demanding sport and requires physical as well as mental strength. There are many aspects to it that can be improved through fitness training, such as your swing speed or more power on the golf course, of your endurance or stamina in order to make more swings during 18 holes without getting tired quickly. Therefore we highly recommend you combine your workouts with different types of exercise to get a well rounded fitness. With the Nordic Trainer, you are able to improve key parts of your game and at the same time keep you fit! Browse through our video catalogue and view some of our golf videos and then just get started with your training off the course to improve your game on the course!