What are the advantages of cross training?

What are the advantages of cross training?

Cross-training is a form of training that has become popular in recent years, but what exactly does it mean? Cross-training is the act of doing different exercises to provide variety and balance for your muscles. This can be done by cycling, yoga, weightlifting, or any other type of exercise. And the benefits are tremendous!

In this blog, we will look into some of the valuable advantages of cross training and show a series of easy exercises you can do from home that will help build great body strength and provide you with new skills for your home training.

Benefits of cross training

Prevent injuries

First and foremost, cross training helps prevent injuries to joints and muscles, as a strong and balanced body will be able to handle more pressure before starting to hurt. Of course, different type of cross training will have different impact on the body, but at its core, it's about constantly switching up your training. There are fitness equipment, such as the Nordic Trainer and rower machines, where the risk of overuse injuries is nearly impossible, due to their exceptionel low impact on body joints.

Increase fitness level

The second major advantage is that it increases your fitness level, because different exercises use different muscles. This way you can quickly achieve a higher fitness level than someone who only does one type of exercise! So make sure you mix up your home workout routines with different exercises.

Efficient training

Third of all, cross training ensures that you train efficiently. In other words, you can do more in less time! This is because cross training works different muscles at the same time. So if you combine a few exercises from home with your regular workout routines or gym sessions, it will help make those longer exercise go by faster and easier.

Increase in skill set 

Another big, yet less unknown advantage, is the positive impact of constantly changing up your routine. This means that you will never get bored with the same exercises as it changes frequently. Furthermore, switching up your training will also allow you to constantly add more skill to your training, which can make you train harder and more efficiently. And since your body is not used to those new types of movements, it can't stop making progress!

Time efficiency

Cross training will also help you save time in your daily schedule. You can combine different types of workouts, such as jogging and weightlifting both in one session. This way you don't have to spend hours in the gym. Training effectively in a short amount of time can be hard. But with the rotation between cardio and strength training through cross training, it is possible.

Fun training!

Lastly, cross training is fun! An important factor to stay motivated in your training. So make sure to get your friends involved in the fun, by inviting them over for a home workout routine with you. You can play music or watch TV while training - anything that helps making it more enjoyable!

Cross train

Having looked at the benefits of cross training, here comes an example of a training program with 5 easy exercises to increase overall body strength and flexibility. Make sure to do each exercise for about 30 seconds, before switching up.

High Knee Run

Exercise number one is a high knee run on the spot with leg lifts. For this, you should stand tall raising your arms over your head and keeping your knees as high as possible while running in place lifting both legs at once. Make sure not to bend or raise them too low though!

Mountain climbers

The second exercise is called mountain climbers. It's easy but very effective for strengthening the core muscles of the body . Simply lie flat on your stomach and lift yourself off ground by pulling one leg towards chest at time without letting feet touch the floor again - like climbing mountains (hence its name) !


The third move requires no equipment whatsoever: it's simply pushups! Make sure to bend your elbows lower than 90 degrees and make sure you don't touch the ground with them - keep those arms straight.

Legs forward

The fourth exercise is more of a stretch, but can be done at home as well. It's called „legs forward” (you probably guessed it already). All that means is lying on your back while pushing legs up into air until they are slightly above hip height. You should feel some tension in the muscles surrounding hips, which helps strengthen core muscles if held long enough .


Next comes another one for strengthening abs: step-downs. Simply place both hands on chair or bed behind you, move feet out so body forms about 45 degree angle with floor and slowly drop down keeping knees slightly bent. Avoid fully straightening legs as that can cause injury to knee joints!

Each of those exercises will help you develop and strengthen muscles without the need for a gym. They provide a basis for great training skills. Once you get used to them, you can start adding variation by using different types of equipment or trying more difficult exercises. This way cross training will become easier and even more effective.

The Nordic Trainer

The benefits of cross training can directly transferred to the Nordic Trainer. Using the Nordic Trainer will give great cardio, strength and flexibility training. And in terms of a health aspect, the Nordic Trainer's low impact decreases the risks of injury greatly. Lastly, the Nordic Trainer is fun! The technique is easy to learn, but there is lots of room for improvement in ones skill set. Lastly, it is easy to find inspiration for training on the Nordic Trainer, as lots of different training programs and technique videos can be found right here.


In conclusion, cross training has many benefits. It helps you quickly develop your fitness base and it is fun when done with friends! Additionally, the Nordic Trainer can be used for efficient cardio, strength and flexibility training - giving great results in a short amount of time.