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Nordic Trainer

The Nordic Trainer is the future of modern at-home fitness. A workout that does it all and does it quickly. Transform your entire body with the most effective and efficient multi-functional fitness machine on the market.

Combining principles of cross-country skiing with Pilates, this is exercise like no other.

Discover more than 50 different exercise combinations and tons of instructor-led videos on the Nordic Strong app – the Nordic Trainer never lets you get bored. This single, space-saving machine contains tools for dramatically improving cardio, strength and mobility. A machine that is fun to use and suits the whole family, no matter the age, goal or fitness level. Stimulate body parts you didn’t know you could - just 20 minutes, 3 times a week, will transform your fitness regime. Discover what your body can do.

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Developing balance and coordination through the arms and legs, the Nordic Trainer helps you to move better through your swing, hit the ball further and reduce injuries to joints and muscles. Increased stability helps to control your shots on both uphill and downhill lies, whilst enhanced core strength puts more power and energy into each and every swing.


Build power, agility and endurance for your on-court game through short sessions on the Nordic Trainer. Move better through your swing and hit the ball further as the machine develops your balance and increases your control of your body. This low-impact, everyday workout will help to insure your body against common injuries such a tennis elbow, rotator cuff injury and back and knee pain.


Improve all three triathlon disciplines with one workout with the Nordic Trainer - the #1 training machine for triathletes on the market. Not only does the Nordic Trainer target all the important muscle groups needed for the triathlon, it also builds endurance better than any other trainer. Proven to develop strength, stamina, core stability, technique and VO2-max, the Nordic Trainer delivers measurable results on your whole body


Originally developed to train cross-country skiers, the Nordic Trainer has been found to increase the stamina, core strength and mobility of professional athletes, without exception. Cross-country skiing activates more muscles than any other sport in the world. The Nordic Trainer imitates this sport with 96% accuracy, making it one of the most powerful at home workouts available on the market.