4 members share what they love about working out at Nordic Strong

4 members share what they love about working out at Nordic Strong

What is so unique about Nordic Strong? We can name a few aspects. For example the use of the Nordic Trainer and the workout concept that engages 96% of your muscles, and gives you the ultimate workout while filling you up with good energy and vibes, creating a strong sense of community. But what do our members think? 

We’ve turned the mic over to them, asking them about what they love about working out at Nordic Strong. We are proud of the strong community that’s been built at Nordic Strong since late 2022, seeing how our members show up to class from early morning, getting stronger and more resilient through every workout. 

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Marie Heyman: “Nordic Strong has developed into the best fitness studio in Copenhagen.”

“I have been a part of Nordic Strong since the beginning. It's been amazing to follow Nicoline and Josephine's journey and see how much Nordic has already evolved! In fact, it has developed into, in my opinion, the best fitness studio in Copenhagen. 

I absolutely love working out at Nordic Strong! You are always greeted with a smile by the friendly receptionists, and I love all the different classes they offer. Especially Cardio and Strong are my favorites. The Nordic Strong machine is so functional and strengthens your whole body. 

And the Nordic trainers are very skilled at always creating new and fun programs where the machine is used in different ways. The music is loud and great, giving you motivation for the workout, and the lighting gives off the vibe of being in a nightclub. 

I am so lucky to be an ambassador for Nordic, which is something I am incredibly proud of it! People who haven't tried Nordic Strong tend to think it's only for trendy Copenhageners. That's definitely not true. At Nordic, there's room for everyone. So if you haven't tried it yet, do yourself a favor and book your first session. I promise you, you will love it." 

Sara Sabine Jensen: “I feel inspired and empowered every single time I’m there.”

“Training at Nordic Strong is an incredible experience every single time. I love the vibe, the dynamic lighting in the studio, and the feeling of truly engaging my body during a workout. The atmosphere makes me want to give it my all, making every session both fun and motivating.

I’m also a huge fan of the Nordic Trainer. The variety of exercises you can do on it is amazing. I especially love how the Nordic Strong Class combines strength training with dumbbells on the floor and strength exercises on the Nordic Trainer.

It’s a place where I feel inspired and empowered every single time I’m there.

My favorite class is the Nordic Strong Class — and my favorite instructor is Jamilla Tha Killa. She pushes me to my limits and brings incredible energy to every session. The name says it all.”


Emilie Bloch: “My enthusiasm for this gym hasn't waned since my very first class.”

"I've been training at Nordic Strong since January 2023, and my enthusiasm for this gym hasn't waned since my first class. While I spend a lot of time on running and cycling, I struggle to create engaging strength workouts on my own. That's why Nordic Strong's classes, especially the signature Strong class, have been a game-changer for me. They keep me engaged and challenged without ever feeling boring or monotonous. 

The Nordic trainer is also a perfect way to incorporate some high-intensity strength training, with limited strain on the joints in the legs. This is especially something I appreciate as a runner, as I have been able to use Nordic Strong classes to get back from injuries as well. 

To me, the Nordic theme and attention to detail also make Nordic Strong so special. The Nordic-themed atmosphere is not just a gimmick; it's integrated into every detail of the gym's design and utilities. This concept-driven approach is refreshing and makes Nordic Strong something else than the myriad of other fitness options in Copenhagen. Nordic Strong encapsulates luxury with its serene atmosphere and a commitment to leaving you stronger than when you arrived.”


Tor Larsson: “I have become addicted to this training, and it is one of the most important elements in my everyday life.”

“There are multiple reasons why I love working out at Nordic Strong. The combination of cardio and strength training provides a full-body workout that is effective and challenging. This is exactly what I was looking for after doing outdoor exercise for quite a few years.

The training sessions make it easy for me to fit into a busy everyday life, and after one hour I feel completely recharged. I have become addicted to this training and it is one of the most important elements in my everyday life.

The energetic coaches and the wild playlists create an unrivaled training atmosphere. They add to the motivation and make every session exciting.

The surroundings are delicious and the service is always top-notch. The small but strong community makes training even more motivating.”


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