Nordic Trainer: The most effective machine for working out at home

Nordic Trainer: The most effective machine for working out at home

Do you ever find it difficult and time-consuming to muster the motivation to show up for training? While we love to work out, we understand that trekking to the workout studio can be a little too time consuming on some days. While we can list many great reasons why you should experience our exciting, energy-filled training at The Nordic Strong Studio, we've also developed a way for you to get effective training at home.

The Nordic Trainer, which forms the basis of the workout offered at The Nordic Strong Studio, is now available for home use. This makes it easy and accessible to start building the healthy, strong, and fit body you dream of. Additionally, training with the Nordic Trainer is fun and versatile, with over 50 different training combinations to keep your workouts varied and exciting.

But what is the Nordic Trainer?

The Nordic Trainer is a multifunctional exercise machine that combines the cardiovascular intensity of cross-country skiing with the core strength and flexibility of Pilates. This creates a workout that is both effective and gentle on the entire body.

What makes the Nordic Trainer effective for home training?

During a workout on the Nordic Trainer, 96% of the body's muscles are activated, providing an efficient workout in a short amount of time. The machine is gentle on the muscles and joints, making it ideal for both rehabilitation and regular training. You will notice and see a significant difference in your form, strength, and conditioning by training on the Nordic Trainer for just 20 minutes a day.

There are many benefits of the Nordic Trainer

  • Builds a strong core
  • Gentle training for the body
  • Activates the entire body
  • Time-efficient and provides effective training in a short amount of time
  • Easy to install and set up at home
  • Ideal for effective home training

What you need to know about the Nordic Trainer

  • Transform your body with our multifunctional machine for effective home training
  • Train with low impact and high intensity to stimulate 96% of your body’s muscles simultaneously
  • The Nordic Trainer is a versatile fitness machine with over 50 different training combinations focusing on endurance, cardio, strength, and mobility
  • Connect your Nordic Trainer to the Nordic Strong App and start training with our videos, created and guided by our skilled instructors
  • Select training videos that match your precise level and needs
  • The Nordic Trainer comes with adjustable poles and Bluetooth connectivity for easy connection to the app

The Nordic Trainer comes with an app

When you purchase the Nordic Trainer, you not only get a training machine but also access to The Nordic Strong app. Here, you can find inspiration for your next workout. The app is easy to connect to the Nordic Trainer via Bluetooth. It is specially developed for use with the Nordic Trainer and offers everything from exercise inspiration and complete training programs to introductory technique videos. In the app, you can explore a wide range of guided training videos that match your level and training goals. You can also participate in challenges against other users and save your progress directly in the app to always track your improvement.

The app helps motivate you to train and provides the extra energy needed for effective training. You get an amazing experience, almost as if you were in an energetic, motivating training studio, but with the comfort of your own home. Additionally, the training overview and progress tracking in the app help motivate you to maintain good training routines as you can see your progress.

Nordic Trainer for rehabilitation and recovery

The Nordic Trainer offers gentle and effective training. Are you injured or experiencing problems with your body? The Nordic Trainer might be the training form you need. All exercises on the Nordic Trainer are performed in full range of motion, increasing flexibility and strength in the muscles while eliminating the risk of injury. Additionally, all exercises are done without putting strain on the knees, ankles, and back, making the Nordic Trainer ideal for rehabilitation and recovery.

This also means that even if you are not currently experiencing problems, pain, or injuries, the Nordic Trainer is still a beneficial training form as its features minimize the risk of injuries. This makes the Nordic Trainer an excellent training option for people of all ages. Moreover, the Nordic Trainer is recognized by physiotherapists as an effective tool in the rehabilitation process.

Try the Nordic Trainer at The Nordic Strong Studio

If you are interested in experiencing what it feels like to train on the Nordic Trainer, you are welcome to visit The Nordic Strong Studio in Nordhavn, Copenhagen. Here, we offer our three different signature classes daily: Nordic Strong, Nordic Cardio, and Nordic Sculpt. Each class has different focus areas and tempos. You can read more about the classes here, see our class schedule, and book a class. This is the perfect opportunity to try the Nordic Trainer, see how the training provides a fantastic feeling, and consider whether you should invest in your own Nordic Trainer.

In addition to the various training classes, The Nordic Strong Studio offers a sauna, easy access to the sea at Nordhavn's bathing facilities, and a café where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or replenish with our delicious protein smoothies after a good workout.

Start effective home training today

Are you fully motivated to start your own effective home training now? It's easy to get started with the Nordic Trainer at home. It is easy to assemble, and we guide you every step of the way through our instructional videos that prepare you well for training. Check out the Nordic Trainer here and contact us if you have any questions—we are more than happy to help. We look forward to helping you start your training journey through effective home training.