Nordic Strong is the ultimate workout for women in their 50s

Nordic Strong is the ultimate workout for women in their 50s

One of the unique things about the workout offered through the Nordic Trainer machine and the workout classes at Nordic Strong is that their low-impact nature makes it a great workout suitable for people of all phases, ages, and shapes. 

By joining a class at Nordic Strong, you will see people from all paths of life, which is part of the unique backbone of Nordic Strong’s strong community culture and spirit. To showcase how great the Nordic Strong workout is for different segments, we reached out to Birgitte Holten, to hear what she enjoys about working out at Nordic Strong and outlining why the workout is great for women (and men) in their 50s due to its low-impact nature. 

Birgitte Holten before a workout at Nordic Strong. Check out the video feature where she explains why she enjoys working out at Nordic Strong here.

Birgitte Holten is the Copenhagen-based co-founder of the Danish shoe brand, Apair, which she launched in 2004. When she is not busy making strategic business decisions, picking up the latest shoe trend, or traveling the world, you can find her at a workout at Nordic Strong, where she has been a member since the very beginning. 

How long have you been working out at Nordic Strong and what is your workout routine?

I started working out at Nordic Strong in February 2023, just a few months after the studio opened. I quickly fell in love with the workout, and now I work out between 3-5 times a week depending on how much time I have and how much I am traveling that specific week. I like the flexibility that Nordic Strong offers through their membership options - if I know that I will spend a lot of time in Copenhagen, I go for a membership. I am traveling a lot, so I swap over and get a bundle of classes instead

“Nordic Strong is the workout I’ve stuck with the longest in my life”

Birgitte Holten, Nordic Strong member

How is your experience with working out at Nordic Strong? 

After joining Nordic Strong, I quickly discovered how great it was. Efficient, fun, versatile. I love the workout, and the fact that it is the workout style I’ve stuck with the longest in my life, speaks for itself. 

What I particularly enjoy about the Nordic Strong workouts is the switch between cardio and strength (although I particularly enjoy the strength part), so interval training is a great fit for me. I like it when the instructors guide the little competitions. They build a foundation to connect with other members

Another thing I enjoy about Nordic Strong is the luxurious facilities and the great vibe and energy that I always feel in the studio. Everyone is so nice and welcoming, and I always get a bit of a “one big family” sense, when I step into the studio. 

What motivates you to work out?                

I have a lot of intrinsic motivation to work out, which makes it easier for me to get to the gym. I truly believe and also feel that the mornings I work out are better mornings for me. It’s an amazing start to the day to feel that your whole body has been working hard. It gives me so much energy. That’s the feeling I always remind myself of. 

What are your non-negotiables when it comes to your health? 

I am fairly flexible when it comes to my everyday life and try to enjoy it while keeping a balanced diet. However, one non-negotiable is that every day has to contain movement. If not a Nordic Strong workout, I play paddle, and golf, and go for lots of nice walks. 

What is your best advice for someone who wants to start working out at Nordic Strong?

Go for it and give it time! Although, I believe that Nordic Strong offers the best workout in Copenhagen, The Nordic Trainer is quite different. It might take a class or two to truly become friends with the efficient machine, but within a short amount of time, you will be great friends. Once you start feeling the progress and feelings you get out of a good workout, you don’t want or miss out. I just had a three-week break from Nordic Strong due to work-related travels and I truly missed it. It wasn’t always like this for me, but I can truly say that I have become quite addicted to moving my body. 

Ready to get in your best, strongest shape?

Are you in your golden years and ready to get in the best shape with Nordic Strong’s low-impact, high-intensity training which stimulates 96% of your body’s muscles simultaneously? Try a class today or have a look at how you can bring the efficient training home with you with your own Nordic Trainer.