Your guide to the 3 different workouts at Nordic Strong

Your guide to the 3 different workouts at Nordic Strong

At Nordic Strong, we offer three unique classes designed to cater to various fitness goals and to diversify your workout routine. The three signature classes at Nordic Strong are Nordic Strong, Nordic Cardio, and Nordic Sculpt

In this article, we delve into the unique aspects of each class, highlighting their benefits and explaining why incorporating a variety of workouts can enhance your fitness journey. Whether you're aiming to build strength, boost your cardiovascular health, or sculpt your body, Nordic Strong has the perfect class for you.

The reasons why you should diversify your workout routine

How is your workout routine? Do you do tons of different workouts from running, biking, rocking out at Nordic Strong with the Nordic Trainer and maybe sprinkling in a little bit of pilates or yoga? Good for you! There are tons of good reasons behind why you should diversify your workout routine - not only to keep it interesting and fun. That’s why we’ve developed three different classes, and in the best case, you try all of them to switch up your workout routine. 

Good reasons why you should switch up your workout routine: 

Prevent plateaus: Diversifying workouts challenges different muscle groups, which prevents fitness plateaus.

Reduce injury risk: Varying exercises reduce repetitive strain on specific muscles and joints, which lowers the risk of having an injury. Here, the low-impact nature of the Nordic Trainer already lowers the risk of injury, making the Nordic Strong classes a safe workout choice. 

Improve your overall fitness level: By combining strength, cardio, and flexibility workouts, you’re able to enhance your overall fitness and functional performance and improve your physical skill level by becoming good at different workouts.

Boost motivation: Variety keeps workouts interesting as trying new things are fun and a great way to keep yourself motivated when it comes to staying active.

Enhance adaptability: Different workouts prepare your body for various physical activities, improving adaptability and resilience.

The three different classes at Nordic Strong

And now to what this guide is all about. An in-depth description of our three signature classes offered at Nordic Strong. 

Nordic Strong

Our iconic flagship class, Nordic Strong, is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session that combines strength-building and dynamic exercises, bridging cardio and strength. You'll switch between the Nordic Trainer and exercises using props like dumbbells, resistance bands and bodyweight, targeting different muscle groups.

Why you should join the Nordic Strong class:
The class, Nordic Strong, is perfect for those looking to build strength and endurance while enjoying a varied and energetic workout. The class's diverse routines keep you engaged and motivated.

The class is ideal for fitness enthusiasts who thrive on intensity and variety. And if you’re looking to push your limits and seek a balanced strength and cardio workout, this is for you.

Nordic Cardio

Nordic Cardio is designed to keep your heart rate high, focusing on cardiovascular endurance. This class integrates fast-paced exercises on the Nordic Trainer with dynamic floor routines to ensure a full-body workout.

Why you should join the Nordic Cardio class:
If you’re looking to boost your cardiovascular health and burn calories efficiently, Nordic Cardio is your go-to. The high-energy environment and consistent heart rate elevation make it an exhilarating experience, and the intense cardio will boost your endorphin level and give you that runner’s high.

The Nordic Cardio class is particularly suited for those aiming to improve their heart health, increase stamina, and enjoy high-energy workouts. If you love fast-paced, intense sessions, this will be your thing.

Nordic Sculpt

Nordic Sculpt merges Pilates principles with deep muscle activation and includes balance exercises to promote coordination and balance. This class emphasizes precision and control, targeting both large and small muscle groups for a balanced workout. It ends with a mindful breathwork practice. The pace of this class is slower, drawing inspiration from wellness studios by including more focus on body and mind, allowing participants to slow down but still get in a great full-body workout, often by using angle weights. 

Why you should join the Nordic Sculpt class:
Nordic Sculpt is perfect for those who want to enhance muscle definition and overall balance. The focus on deep muscle engagement and breath work offers a holistic approach to fitness.

The Nordic Sculpt class is ideal for those who appreciate a mindful, controlled workout that emphasizes muscle tone and body awareness.

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