The Nordic Trainer is improving the golf swing of this Strong Rider!

The Nordic Trainer is improving the golf swing of this Strong Rider!

Spotlight: Ole Prehn 

Age: 73 years old 

Location: Copenhagen 

For the past 10 years, Ole Prehn has not been cross-country skiing. Before that he traveled regularly to Norway for more than 40 years for cross-country skiing. So, when Ole bought a Nordic Trainer earlier this year, it was with the intention of strengthening his cross-country ski form. Ole points out that “with the Nordic Trainer, you are able to be in shape already on the first day of skiing, regardless of the possibilities of prior roller ski training”.

When Ole began using his new Nordic Trainer, he quickly realized it served yet another purpose for him, namely improving his golf game!

We asked Ole in what way the Nordic Trainer has improved his golf game. Here’s what he told us.

“Using the Nordic Trainer strengthens your balance, arms, shoulders, legs, core musculature and agility. In connection with golf, increased agility means higher swing speed, which ultimately leads to longer strokes. Taken together, this gives more self-confidence as well as a better focus on each individual shot on the course". 

After using the Nordic Trainer for 6 months, he also pointed out that he truly wishes he had known about the trainer when he trained for Vasaloppet and Birkebeineren, as it would have meant moving a few groups forward!

So, the Nordic Trainer is not only helping Ole with his cross-country ski form now, but also improving his golf game!

How does the Nordic Trainer benefits your golf game?

Although Ole described the benefits of the Nordic Trainer quite well, let’s take a  quick look at how the Nordic Trainer can benefit your golf game. Because with the Nordic Trainer, golfers can actively train all the most important elements of their physical training, such as:

  • Improved balance and body control as much of the balance training on the Nordic Trainer requires you to coordinate opposite moving arms and legs, which improves your balance and sense of body control.
  • Core strength through the constant coordination of the upper and lower body necessary in all movements in the Nordic Trainer.
  • An improved posture, as the four basic positions ensure that your workouts are building agonistic-antagonistic strength around all your body joints.
  • Increased body strength and power through explosive movements on the trainer that can be transferred to more power in your golf swing.
  • Increased flexibility and better posture from exercises in the Nordic Trainer that focus on rotation for your hips and hip joints, rotation in your core muscles and back and rotation for in your shoulders.

It makes the Nordic Trainer the ideal fitness trainer for any golfers that want to improve their game on the course.