Studio House Rules

Failure to comply with these rules or staff instructions may result in a warning, fee, expulsion, or police report. If you experience any challenges or behavior that is not in accordance with these House Rules, please feel free to contact our staff so we can work together to maintain a respectful and positive atmosphere. 

Conduct and Language - Non-Harassment Policy 

We strive to ensure everyone has a positive experience at our Studio. We expect a positive tone where everyone respects and considers each other. We do not tolerate threats, violence, or behaviour and language that can be perceived as offensive or disrespectful. Such behaviour will result in expulsion and may lead to a police report.

Please do not unnecessarily occupy our equipment and make room for other users of the Studio. Staff instructions must be followed at all times and are not open for discussion. 


You must check in at reception to gain access to the Studio, whether you are attending a class, training in the fitness space, or using the sauna.

If you are a member of the Nordic Sauna Club, you do not need to check in; simply use the chip issued to you at reception to access the sauna. The chip is personal and must not be used by anyone other than the member. Without a membership, clip card, or first-timer access, you are not permitted to stay in the Studio's training areas, locker rooms, or sauna unless written consent has been given by the Studio staff. It is not allowed to let others in without the aforementioned access unless written consent has been given by the Studio staff. 

You are welcome to stay in our reception area without any of the above memberships or access cards.

Overnight stays in the Studio are not allowed, and the Studio must be vacated no later than 5 minutes before closing time.'


All machines and equipment (e.g., Nordic Trainer poles, benches, mats) must be sanitised after use and wiped down with paper. Sanitiser dispensers and paper are available at various locations in the Studio. 

Clothing and Hygiene 

Training is only permitted in indoor training shoes and workout clothes. Swimwear is required for water activities or sauna use. Additional sauna rules are displayed in the sauna and on our website. Gang-related clothing, tattoos, bags, jewellery, etc., are not allowed in the Studio.

Use of Mobile Phones and Cameras 

If you want to listen to music other than what is played in the Studio, please use headphones. Mobile phone conversations should be limited. Be considerate and set your phone to silent during training or while using the sauna.

Photography and recording in the Studio are not permitted if other individuals can be identified without their permission. However, you may record and share lawful, non-offensive content related to their participation in a class or fitness activities, provided you obtain consent from anyone identifiable in their content. By posting such pictures and recordings, you grant the Studio the right to repost these if they are captured within the Studio or tagged with the Studio, on any of NS Studio's social media platforms without restriction. The Studio will handle such content responsibly.
You acknowledge that you will not receive any payment or compensation for the Studio’s use of your story, photos, or videos.

If you do not wish to be included in reposted photographs or videos by the Studio, or if you want specific content removed, you must promptly contact the Studio's staff. The staff will take the necessary steps to remove the content as soon as possible. Your rights in this matter are respected, but please note that the Studio cannot ensure the removal of posts, photographs, or videos shared by others on their own social media platforms. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Studio, its officers, directors, employees, agents, and instructors from any claims, lawsuits, or actions, and all resulting losses, damages, or costs (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising from other’s violation of this non-recording agreement. 

Commercial and editorial filming/photography is only allowed with prior written permission from Studio management. 

Storage & Personal Belongings 

You are strongly encouraged to use the lockers provided by NS Studio to secure your personal belongings during your activities at the Studio. NS Studio explicitly advises against bringing valuable items to the Studio or storing them in the lockers, as the lockers do not provide absolute protection against theft. The Company disclaims any responsibility or liability for any loss, theft, or damage to property that may occur on the premises of NS Studio. Lockers are located in the hallway in the basement, in the changing rooms, and in the outdoor sauna. Lockers are not personal and must be emptied after each session.

Lockers not emptied by closing time will be opened, and belongings will be stored in our "lost and found" box for 30 days. Valuable items will be handed over to the police.

Large bags, jackets, and similar items must be placed in the lockers and are not allowed in the Studio. 

Transport means are not allowed in the Studio without permission from Studio management, including the Studio Manager. 

Private Business 

Private business activities are not allowed in the Studio without prior written permission from Studio management. 

Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not allowed inside the Studio. 

You must not stay in the sauna or basement area if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medication, or any substance that affects your ability to train safely. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone deemed to be under the influence of such substances. 


Children under 15 are not allowed to train or stay in the training areas or sauna area unless written permission has been granted by Studio management. It is the parents responsibility to ensure compliance. 


Pets are not allowed unless permitted by Studio staff or the Studio Manager. Pets may only stay in the Studio's reception area. An exception is made for guide dogs and service dogs, provided they wear visible and approved service markings. 

Returns and Exchanges

Non-food items purchased at the Studio can be returned within 14 days of purchase. Items must be in their original, unopened packaging and unused. With a receipt, we will exchange the item or refund your money. The return and exchange policy does not apply to food items, including shakes, coffee, energy drinks, bars, etc. 

Emergency Exits 

Emergency exits in the Studio must not be blocked and should only be used in emergencies. Misuse of emergency exits will result in a fee.