Pro Poles
Pro Poles

Pro Poles

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For the experienced athlete, choose our extra high quality SWIX ski poles made of aerospace grade carbon fiber for high stiffness and strength.

The Pro Poles are available from 130 cm to 170 cm. - The length of your poles should be approximately height - 30cm. 

Our Pro Poles are supplied ready-to-use with ThoraxTrainer pole tips.


“I use the ThoraxTrainer™ three times a week for six minutes – and after just two months, I can really feel and see the results in my fitness, back and abdominal muscles. It is the most efficient workout I have ever tried – and is fun as well!”

Susanne Henriques, iFORM fit tester

I found my cellulitis disappearing after just six months with 6×1 minutes high interval training three times a week in my ThoraxTrainer

Heike Schauert, M.D.

Imitating the world's toughest sport
Nordic Skiing

The Thorax Trainer imitates the core movements of Nordic skiing perfectly, making each double pole or diagonal stride in the Thorax Trainer feel like you are actually making your way across a cross country track.