Nordic Strong Studio’s Membership Terms

1 General

The following membership terms are valid for memberships at Nordic Strong Studio ApS, Amaliegade 14, 2., 1256 København K, CVR-nr: 41830875 (hereinafter “NS Studio”).

Agreements regarding membership entered into at NS Studio and via NS Studio’s digital channels (website/app) are concluded between a private person (hereinafter “the Member”) and NS Studio. 


2 Nordic Strong Membership

  • 2.1 Terms for setting up a membership

When establishing a membership, the Member must provide their name, gender, address, email address, phone number, reg. no., account/card number. If the Member’s contact information or bank/card details are subsequently changed, NS Studio must be notified immediately. It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that NS Studio has the Member’s correct contact information at all times. 

The Member is required to have a profile picture associated with their NS Studio account. The purpose of the profile picture is to authenticate the identity of the Member and mitigate the risk of fraudulent activity. The Receptionists/Front Desk team of NS Studio will rely on the picture to authenticate the identity of all individuals accessing the Studio. It is emphasized that the profile picture shall only be used for the purpose of verifying the Member's identity and shall not be published by NS Studio without the prior express consent of the Member.

  • 2.2 Online registration

Online registration is open around the clock on NS Studio’s website. Once registration and payment have been completed, the membership is valid and ready for use.

The Membership number is visible on the last page during creation and will also be in the confirmation email along with the membership conditions.

The Member cannot participate in any activities in the NS Studio related to the Membership until the Member has agreed to these Membership Terms and payment information has been registered.

NS Studio is not liable for unavailability, crashes and defects or technical problems related to NS Studio’s app or website, including in connection with registration, cancellation, etc. 

  • 2.3 Membership types

A compilation of NS Studio’s available membership types and specific conditions, rules, additional purchases, and services for the individual membership types are available here.

The Membership and the Membership number are personal and may not be used by anyone other than the Member. The Membership gives the Member access to using the equipment and services covered by their membership type in NS Studio.

The Membership is valid once the registration and payment have been made. This also appears on the confirmation mail and purchase receipt.

  • 2.3.1 Students

Members with a Student Membership must present valid identification by registering in NS Studio and immediately notify if the study is terminated or shortened.  

  • 2.4 Legal incapacity and age requirements

If the Member is under 18 years of age or legally incapacitated, the Member must go to the NS Studio with their guardian to set up their membership. 

Regarding registration in the NS Studio, both parties must bring valid photo IDs. The guardian is liable for the minor’s or the legally incapacitated’s compliance with these Membership Terms and shall be responsible for any claim NS Studio may have against the Member according to membership and these Membership Terms.

The minimum age for exercising in NS Studio, regardless of the consent of a guardian, is 15 years. However, NS Studio reserves the right to reduce this age limit without warning.

  • 2.5 Another payer than the Member

When setting up a membership for which someone other than the Member is paying, the Other Payer is responsible for complying with the payment conditions in these Membership Terms.  The Member is responsible for complying with these Membership terms. 

  • 2.6 Member’s change of Membership type

If the Member changes a membership type bought at a promotional price (including changing their membership type during a minimum contract period), it entails the campaign price lapsing, and the Member must pay the total fee for the changes in the membership from the day the change takes effect. 

  • 2.7 Membership on hold/bero

The Member may put their Membership on hold with payment of a fee. However, the Member cannot put their Membership on hold when they purchased it with a discount or during a minimum contract period. Memberships can be on hold for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 6 months.

When A Member puts their Membership on hold, the Member must give the start and end date of the pause. 

When the Membership’s hold period has expired, the Membership is automatically taken up.


3 Use of Membership and centre

  • 3.1 House rules

The Member is committed to familiarising themselves with and observing the applicable House rules. 

The Member’s violation of The House Rules constitutes a breach of the Membership and the Membership Terms. It may result in expulsion, cancellation or termination of the membership, the imposition of fees and exclusion of the Member from signing up for memberships at NS Studio for a period set by NS Studio or permanently. 

  • 3.2 Membership Access

The Member shall register at the reception to access the NS Studio. The registration is personal and may not be done by others. 

Registration at the reception may always be made before using the facilities at NS Studio. The registration provides access to the NS Studio’s facilities. 

The Member is responsible for keeping their membership secure so that others do not use it, e.g. for unauthorised access or purchases. 

  • 3.2.1 Guests at STAY Apartments Nordhavn  

Guests at STAY Apartments Nordhavn (hereinafter “STAY Guests”) automatically gain access to the NS Studio's fitness space during their stay at STAY Apartments in Nordhavn. The free access is limited to the Fitness Space. If STAY Guests would like to use some of the NS Studio's other facilities, they may do so for a fee. The price list for the NS Studio's facilities can be found on the NS Studio's Website.

The free access to the NS Studio's Fitness Space is limited to STAY Guests staying at STAY Apartments Nordhavn.

STAY Guests shall register at the reception to gain access to the NS Studio's Fitness Space during the reception’s opening hours.

STAY Guests may only use the fitness space during the NS Studio's regular opening hours. The Opening hours can be found on the front door of the NS Studio or the NS website. 

*NB. The NS Studio reserves the right to temporarily deny access to the Fitness Space for STAY Guests during periods when the Fitness Space is too busy. Members of the NS Studio hold the right of first refusal to access the Fitness Space.

  •  3.2.2 Guests at Soho House Copenhagen 

Guests at Soho House Copenhagen (hereinafter “Soho Guests”) have access to our classes on Tuesdays and Fridays,

Soho Guests have ten spots in our classes on Tuesday evenings and Fridays. They shall not register at the reception. 

NS Studio withholds the right to change the terms of Soho Guests’ access to NS Studio. 

  • 3.3 NS Studio website

NS Studio can give the Members access to managing their membership via NS Studio’s website. The Member’s use of classes in the studio requires the Member to log in and use personal login information received from NS Studio.

  • 3.4 Personal training

Members can also purchase personal training as an add-on to their membership. Information and applicable terms for purchase can be seen on NS Studio’s website or in NS Studio’s reception. 

  • 3. 5 Events in NS Studio

NS Studio is available for booking private events under other agreements with NS Studio. The conditions for the event(s) will be presented and disclosed under agreement with NS Studio.  

NS Studio reserves the right to close NS Studio for everyone other than the ones invited to the event, including Members. NS Studio will not provide any compensation or refund of the paid membership due to closing days and/or hours.

  • 3.6 Private agreements 

Firms, companies and other private parties can make individual agreements with NS Studio regarding using the NS Studio and Spa. Further information on the terms of the contract between NS Studio and the private party will be agreed upon when the agreement is concluded.

NS Studio reserves the right to accept and decline to make private agreements with a private party or any other cooperation offered by other parties. 

  • 3.7 Registration for and deregistration from classes at NS Studio

Certain types of memberships allow the Member to sign up for Nordic exercise classes. Registration and deregistration for activities must be done at NS Studio’s website.

Registration for or failure to properly deregister from a class may result in a fee. If the Member has a class pass, a failure to properly deregister from a class may cost credit from the class pass. If the Member has a class membership or class plus fitness space membership, failing to deregister from a class properly may result in a fee of 50 DKK. 

*Deregistration of the morning class must be done no later than 12 hours before the class begins on NS Studio’s website.

*Deregistration of afternoon/evening classes must be done no later than 4 hours before the class begins on NS Studio’s website. 

  • Registration for and deregistration from Fitness Space at NS Studio

Certain types of memberships allow the Member to sign up for NS's fitness space. Registration and deregistration for the fitness space must be done at NS Studio’s website or NS's App.

Failure to register for or adequately deregister from the Fitness Space may incur a fee of 50 DKK. This fee is implemented because the Fitness Space has limited capacity, accommodating a maximum number of individuals at any given time.

*Deregistration from the reserved spot in the Fitness Space must be completed no later than 12 hours prior to the reservation through NS Studio's website/App.

  • 3.8 Valuables and property damages

NS Studio recommends that valuable items, in particular, should not be brought to the Studio or stored in the changing room lockers. 

Members should store their items in a locked locker during exercise. NS Studio has some lockers that Members can use. 

NS Studio is not liable for any loss of property, theft or damage that occurs at the NS Studio.

  • 3.9 Health and personal injury 

All training is done at your own risk. This includes that you are responsible for being in a state of health that allows participation in activities at NS Studio, just as you have received the instruction necessary to perform the activities correctly and safely.

NS Studio is not liable for personal injuries caused by failure to comply with the above, accidents, or any other visitor’s acts or omissions. Danish law’s general rules of tort apply.

  • 3.10 Commercial activities in NS Studio

Commercial fitness activities, such as exercise guidance, personal training and nutritional counselling of others, or other commercial activities, may not take place at NS Studio without NS Studio’s prior agreement with NS Studio.

  • 3.11 Recordings and pictures taken in NS Studio

The Member is aware that, when they are in the NS Studio, there is a possibility that they will be included in pictures and/or videos that are shared on NS Studio’s social media accounts, website, and publications to promote NS Studio.  

NS Studio will use the pictures and/or videos to promote NS Studio in Instagram posts, my stories, Facebook posts, publications, website and other promotional material, cf. GDPR article 6(1)(f).

The Member agrees to allow NS Studio to publish, copyright, and use pictures of the Member and/or the Member’s story, taken in the Studio or with the Studio’s tag, in any of NS Studio’s media without restriction. The Member will not receive payment or other compensation for using the Member’s story or photos/videos.

All pictures and/or videos that are taken in the NS Studio must comply with the NS Studio House Rules. If the pictures and/or videos do not comply with the House rules, it is considered a breach of Membership and these Membership Terms. NS Studio will assess the consequences of the breach in light of clauses 6.2 or 6.3. 

If the Member does not wish to participate in the pictures mentioned above and/or videos, they must contact NS Studio’s Staff, who will take down the picture and/or video as soon as possible. The Member’s right is further. 

  • 3.12 Video Surveillance

NS Studio has video surveillance. Video surveillance aims to prevent crime and provide reassurance to NS Studio’s staff members and others staying in NS Studio. 

  • 3.13 Gift certificates and coupons

Gift certificates and coupons for NS Studio cannot be exchanged for other products or returned.  

4 Payment 

The Member must pay for rolling membership monthly and any other fees and service charges following NS Studio’s prices applicable at the time. The same applies to guardians or others who have assumed legal responsibility for the membership, including other payers. A rolling NS Studio membership requires the Member to subscribe to automatic payments via a payment service designated by NS Studio.

The monthly payment for the membership and other fees/payments regularly falls at the agreed time, except on startup, where the first membership period and any startup fee are payable upon registration. The Member is responsible for timely membership payments, fees and service charges.

The Member receives their bills on “Payments”. Charges will be available on “Payments  for six months.

  • 4.1 Payment service for automatic payments 

When a membership is purchased, the membership will be purchased automatically following the terms governing the use of a payment service designated by NS Studio at the beginning of each calendar month. 

It is the responsibility of the Member/Other Payer to ensure that the payment is made on time. 

  • 4.2 Non-or late payment

If a payable amount is not paid on time, a reminder is sent via e-communication. NS Studio charges a reminder fee according to current rates, which the Member can find on NS Studio’s price page. 

If the Member does not pay within ten days after the specified due date, NS Studio has the right to block the membership without notice so that the Member cannot exercise it. Furthermore, NS Studio reserves the right to immediately collect the amount for the remainder of the relevant payment period. 

If the membership is blocked, the Member may not exercise, use, or change their membership until the total outstanding balance has been paid to NS Studio and documentation has been presented.

NS Studio reserves the right to, independently or through a partner, collect the outstanding amount, a fee for reminders and late payments and report bad payers to RKI/Experian by RKI’s current terms. NS Studio or NS Studio’s external partners set the fee.

Expulsion of the Member, termination of membership, exclusion of the Member and reporting to the police, cf. sections 6, Termination of Membership and 6.3.1, Doping.

In case of a receivable from NS Studio, NS Studio will generally credit such amounts to future membership. If the membership is terminated and the Member/Other Payer believes they have a receivable, they must contact NS Studio’s member service via the contact form on NS Studio’s website. 

5 Changes

NS Studio can continuously make changes to These Membership Terms. Changes will be announced no later than 14 days before the changes take effect via NS Studio’s digital channels or by email address. In case of substantial changes impacting the Member, NS Studio shall provide the Member with written notice by e-communication at least 30 days before the change comes into force. The Member is always entitled to terminate their membership following the procedure at NS Studio website. 

6 Termination of Membership

  • 6.1 Member's termination

The Member may terminate their membership with one month’s notice. If, for example, the Member terminates their Membership on November the 13th., their membership ends on December the 31st. To terminate a membership, the Member must do so on the NS Studio website or in the reception in the NS Studio. 

The Member will receive a confirmation of termination from NS Studio. In case of doubt as to whether a member has been terminated, it is the Member’s/Other Payer’s responsibility to prove that the termination of the membership has taken place. 

All special offer memberships bought after January the 1st, 2023, have a commitment period of at least three months.

  • 6.2. NS Studio’s cancellation of Member’s membership

Without explanation, NS Studio reserves the right to cancel the Member’s membership immediately. In such cases, all unused prepaid quotas will be refunded. Late or non-payment of an amount due, abuse of the membership or a violation of House Rules may lead to NS Studio’s cancellation of the Member’s membership. 

  • 6.3. Expulsion 

In the event of a more significant breach of NS Studio’s regulations, e.g. lending the membership to another person than the Member, the Member may be excluded from NS Studio without repayment of any deposit. 

  • 6.3.1. Doping & other subjects 

NS Studio co-operates with Anti Doping Denmark (ADD). Therefore, NS Studio firmly distances itself from any form of doping. The Member is obligated to subject themselves to doping tests if requested by a representative of ADD. If the Member rejects to subject themselves to doping tests, it will be considered a positive test. If the Member’s test is positive, it will be regarded as a more significant breach of the NS Studio’s regulations, leading to immediate expulsion, cf. clause 6.3. 

  • 6.3.2. Alcohol and other subjects

Members or third parties may not consume tobacco, e-cigarettes and alcohol in or on the centre’s premises unless NS Studio has agreed. If a Member is caught with any of these subjects in their possession or under the influence of the subjects, it will lead to expulsion, cf. clause 6.3.

7 Right of cancellation by the Member

When purchasing a membership, the Member has a 14-day right of cancellation from the day the membership agreement was entered.

If the period expires on a public holiday, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, the Member may wait until the following weekday to exercise the right of withdrawal.  

8 Spa & Sauna

  • 8.1 Outdoor sauna opening hours

Access to the outdoor sauna is granted after agreement with NS Studio's staff. The period for the sauna is going from October 1st. to May 1st. The temperature in the sauna may vary throughout the day due to awareness of the climate. 

The sauna may be booked outside NS Studio's opening period by agreement with the NS Studio staff. 

  • 8.1.2 Outdoor sauna rules The sauna is reserved for the Members. The Member can’t bring guests without contacting NS Studio’s staff first. You must shower beforehand. You must take off your clothes and jewellery before entering the sauna. However, you must always wear swimwear when being in the sauna. You must take a sheet to sit on in the sauna. Before entering the sauna, your body should be dehydrated. No shoes are allowed in the sauna. Water must not be splashed or poured onto the sauna stove without permission from the Sauna instructor. Sauna users may use no oils or fragrances in the sauna without permission from the Sauna instructor. The Sauna is primarily a place of relaxation. It is okay to talk in the sauna as long as it does not disturb other users. Please speak softly. No sports/physicals or inappropriate behaviour are allowed in the sauna. Close the doors and gate neatly to avoid slamming. Sauna users may only bring drinking water into the sauna - i.e. no beer, alcohol, juice, milk or food of any kind. Children under the age of 18 are welcome in the company of the Member in agreement with the NS Studio’s staff. Children under the age of 15 are not allowed. Copenhagen Municipality’s and the City and Port’s rules for bathing in Copenhagen Harbor must be observed when you use the Sauna. This means: Bathing is only allowed in the bathing area. Bathers must wear swimwear. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to swim during winter. 

8.2 Indoor sauna

  • 8.2.1 Opening hours 

Access to the indoor sauna and is granted after agreement with NS Studio's staff. The temperature in the sauna may vary throughout the day due to awareness of the climate. 

  • 8.2.2 Indoor sauna rules

The rules for the outdoor sauna, cf. clause 8.1 and 8.1.2, also apply to the indoor sauna.