Balancing Work, Fitness, and Social Life

Balancing Work, Fitness, and Social Life

I've always placed immense value on maintaining an active lifestyle. The rush of endorphins I get from working out not only gives me energy but also enhances my mood, helping to clear my mind and boost my self-esteem. Particularly, striving for toned arms and abs has become my fitness mantra, but I consciously avoid becoming too bulky. My fitness routine is never about pushing my body to the extreme but more about nurturing a balance where I feel strong, healthy, and comfortable in my skin.

As someone with a dynamic work schedule and a zest for social activities, it can sometimes be challenging to fit in workouts. But I make it a priority to train 3-4 times a week, although the frequency may vary. Some weeks, I can squeeze in up to 5 workouts, and other weeks, it could be just two. Importantly, I don't stress if I miss a session. For me, fitness is about listening to your mind and body and taking rest when needed. 

My Weekly Fitness Schedule

I am fortunate enough to have access to the Nordic Strong Studio, where I often have daily meetings. The proximity to the gym makes it easy for me to fit in quick workouts amid my busy schedule. Being a morning person, I prefer to get my workout done early. I love kick-starting my day with a 6:15 AM class, so I am ready to dive into work by 8 AM. Scheduling my workout in the morning ensures that I have the rest of the day free for work and personal engagements.

I aim to participate in 3 Nordic Strong classes per week, varying the instructors to keep my routine diverse and exciting. My personal preference lies in classes that focus on sculpting the abs and toning the glutes—areas I particularly wish to emphasize. The fourth workout of the week could be a Nordic Cardio or Nordic Balance class, or a home workout when I am pressed for time. When exercising at home, I typically devote 30-40 minutes to Pilates, creating my own exercise routine or following one from the Nordic Strong App.

The Importance of Flexibility and Planning Ahead

To ensure I stay committed to my fitness routine, I add my workouts to my calendar in advance. This helps me to plan around them, treating them as an integral part of my weekly schedule. However, the key to maintaining this routine is flexibility. There are days when work runs late into the evening, and I end up canceling the morning workout. I believe it's essential to listen to your body and respect its need for rest.

Looking at my schedule for this week, I have planned 3 workouts - two strong classes and one cardio. Over the weekend, I'll be at my summerhouse, where I intend to enjoy a refreshing run and a tranquil Pilates session outdoors. My fitness journey is all about balance, flexibility, and planning ahead. It’s not about striving for perfection but about making choices each day that help me feel my best, both physically and mentally.

The Power of Consistency and Adaptability

The most vital aspect of my fitness routine is consistency, but it's equally important to be adaptable. If I miss a workout or if life gets in the way, I don’t beat myself up about it. Instead, I listen to my body and adjust my routine accordingly. Working out should be something that enhances your life, not something that becomes a source of stress. Ultimately, my goal is to create a routine that is flexible, enjoyable, and sustainable, always leaving room for the things that matter most.

No matter what the week brings, I aim for 3-4 weekly workouts. Sometimes this means early morning gym sessions before work; at other times, it involves a calming Pilates routine in the comfort of my home. My workout routine is as unique as my life - flexible, ever-changing, and tailored to fit me perfectly. Because at the end of the day, fitness is a personal journey, and it's all about finding a routine that makes you feel strong, happy, and comfortable in your own skin.

By Nicoline Roth, Founder Nordic Strong